Magallanes: main source of Antarctic development worldwide

Location. The Región de Magallanes and Antártica Chilena (Magallanes Region and Chilean Antarctic), has a remarkable comparative advantage: its proximity to the great white continent. Puerto Williams, the southernmost city in the world, is located only 950 kms away of Antarctica; while Punta Arenas (regional capital) is at 1.250 kms away. 

World leader in Antarctic logistics. The Región de Magallanes and Antártica Chilena (Region of Magellan and Chilean Antarctica), has positioned itself as the world leader in logistics for Antarctic scientific expeditions, and a global reference in Antarctic tourism.

Currently, 22 countries that develop Antarctic expeditions and programs are handled in the cities of Punta Arenas and Puerto Williams, requiring a wide variety of logistics and transport services.

Regarding world-wide Antarctic tourism, Magallanes offers an important support in logistic operations for the Aero-cruises and flights to the interior of the continent. Around 5,500 tourists arrive annually in Antarctica, through Magallanes.



If you establish your operations in the Región de Magallanes y Antártica Chilena (Magallanes Region and Chilean Antarctic), your company will operate in a market where the main participants of the sector worldwide are benefiting from:

  • The countless and growing needs for products and services required by international Antarctic programs operating throughout the region.
  • The Government of Chile is developing important investments into enabling infrastructure with a focus on Antarctica, such as the Multipurpose Dock at Port Williams, Bahia Fildes Dock, Subantarctic Facility; which opens up opportunities for new investments to carry out Antarctic logistics and transport services.
  • The Investment opportunity to increase and improve logistics infrastructure and services for the growing demand of Antarctic tourism.
  • To be part of the most important private and public network in the world, in relation to the Antarctic continent.