Quality of life

One of the regions with the best Quality of Life and Welfare in Latin America

Access to Quality Healthcare:

The Red Asistencia Regional (Regional Healthcare Network) is integrated by the Hospital Clínico de Magallanes, as the main regional high complexity medical facility; Hospital de Puerto Natales, de Porvenir and Puerto Williams, as community hospitals. Furthermore, there is a network of primary care facilities, all of which depend on their respective municipalities. In addition, the network includes a wide range of private health services, such as the Hospital de las Fuerzas Armadas in Punta Arenas, Clínica Magallanes, Centro de Rehabilitación Cruz del Sur, Clínica Croacia and Mutual de Seguridad in Cerro Sombrero; and medical laboratories.

Schools and universities

The Region de Magallanes y Antarctica Chilena (Magallanes Region and Chilean Antarctica) has a network of more than 90 institutions of kindergarten, elementary and high school education, which also offer language training in English, German and French. There are public schools in all the districts of the region.

Regarding higher education, there are 4 institutions in the region: the Universidad de Magallanes (the only state university in the region), with more than 4,315 students and 55 professional careers. There are also private universities such as Universidad Santo Tomas and INACAP technical training center. Finally, the recently opened Centro de Formación Técnica Estatal Regional (Regional State Technical Training Center) (CFT) in Tierra del Fuego is also worth mentioning.

The main university careers include commercial education and administration, medicine, engineering, law, and industry and production.